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  • 30 min
  • $14/unit
  • Location 1

Service Description

Inquire about "areas of the face" pricing! Achieve a more well rested and refreshed appearance with Botox Cosmetic. Non-invasive injections of a highly purified preparation of botulinum toxin A, are used to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate-to- severe dynamic wrinkles, in people age 18-65. Neuromodulators, like Botox, work by blocking nerve impulses to the treated muscles, thereby stopping the repetitive movements that create wrinkles and creases. Results are seen 7-10 days after treatment, with full results in two weeks. Duration of results varies, but typically last 3-4 months. Once the effects of your botox injections begin to gradually wear off, you will want to schedule your next treatment. Treatments are quick, effective, and require no downtime! Treatments Areas: - Crow’s Feet (softens the lines around the eyes) - Frown Lines (softens the “angry 11” lines that form between the eyebrows when frowning) - Forehead (horizontal lines across the forehead can be softened) - Pebble Chin (minimize the appearance of bumps and dimples in the chin) - Bunny Lines (treat the horizontal lines that appear across the nose when smiling) - Jelly Rolls (reduces the under-eye bulge that appears when smiling or squinting) - DAO ( the muscle responsible for pulling down the outer corners of the mouth can be treated to reduce drooping of the corners of the mouth) - Gummy Smile (relaxation of the upper lip muscles to reduce the appearance of gums when smiling) - Lip Flip (creates the illusion of a fuller top lip) - Jawline Reduction (reduce the size of your jawline) - TMJ (relaxes the masseter muscle to improve symptoms of Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder) - Platysmal Bands (Vertical neck bands that become prominent with aging can be smoothed along with horizontal neck lines, resulting in a more youthful appearance to the neck) - Calf Reduction (Injections to the calf muscles decrease muscle activity, causing them to shrink and become smoother) - Hyperhidrosis (injections to the underarms and/or palms to reduce excessive sweating)

Cancellation Policy

$100 if cancellation less than $24 hrs

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